X-Gamer LED Silent Mouse

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A Range of Intelligent Designs Combined with a Proven Efficiency

Building new heights for gaming setups to crank up your virtual experience. Introducing the next-gen of Gaming Mouse with a wireless capability and wavering LED colorful light system.

This ingenious device grants you effortless high-performance and a stylish allure for your gaming setup. Developing this wireless rechargeable gaming mouse, we put longevity and function at the heart of the product. We wanted to capture your inspiration and aspirations with the utmost attention to detail. For an easy, wireless gaming experience.

Higher Sensitivity: It's characterized by an exceptional capacity ranging between 800 and 3200 dpi. This setting gives you ultimate control over a number of game genres, from RPGs to FPS.

Dominate Your Competition: Fine-tune your gamer skills and stand head and shoulders above other players. It has adjustable sensitivity and an ergonomic shape that prevents sweat build-up and increases accuracy. So, just pull out your shotgun and get ready for action.
Wireless Connection: Experience a smooth connection and fast speed. No cord, no hassle, no fuss - just plug in the 2.4GHZ receiver and start playing.
Plug & Play: It's quite straightforward. No pre-installation or drivers are required. Just plug in your mouse and start using it instantly.
Wavering Colors: And to top it all off. This wireless rechargeable gaming mouse has mesmerizing colors that you can change and activate at will, adding a splash of originality to your gaming gear.

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