Wall Mounted Hanging Cutlery Drain Box with Lid

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This kitchen organizer & cutlery storage wall-mounted hanging organizer is an easy way to keep your knives, spoons, forks, and other utensils in one place, and off your counters. The Wall Mounted Hanging Cutlery Drain Box is the perfect solution for storing your cutlery. The Cutlery Drain Box features a large capacity to store all your cutlery. The Cutlery Drain Box is the perfect accessory to your kitchen.


Keep your ladles, spoons, and spatulas in one place with this Kitchen Utensil Holder. Prepare your favorite meals with ease!

VARIETY OF USE: Convenient to take, high-quality materials, health, and environmental protection, four categories are neat and orderly.

DRAINAGE DESIGN: The bottom is hollowed out. The hollow bottom is designed to keep the tableware dry and free of water.

LAYER SEPARATION: Easy to clean internal dirt, separating inner and outer barrels and bottom.

NO TRACE HOOKS: The distribution has no trace hooks, the material is thick, the viscous force is strong, and the bearing capacity is good.

STRONG BEARING CAPACITY: Good viscosity, strong bearing capacity, hanging two bottles of 5L oil is no problem.

Material: Plastic

Size: 10 x 10 x 27cm

Package including: 1x Cutlery Holder