Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber

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  • Remove Blackhead and Deeply cleanse your skin with the ultrasonic skin scrubber

  • 🌸 DEEP FACIAL CLEANSE  Through high-frequency vibration, the skin spatula  cleans blackheads, whiteheads, keratin, dead skin, acne leaving the skin feeling hydrated, cleaner and more revitalized
  • 🌸 ENHANCED SERUM ABSORPTION  Used along with creams, serums, and gels this dermabrasion tool can help your skin absorb minerals and nutrients more effectively to help reverse the signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • 🌸 FIRM & LIFT FACIAL SKIN — The skin scrubber pen promotes blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, to remove facial wrinkles, lifts and tightens the skin.
  • 🌸 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Designed for dry, oily, or even sensitive skin, our cleanser and skin scraper can also be used over the cheeks, forehead and nose without any side effects on the skin.

if you have pores that are incredibly difficult to clean...

but want to clean out those blackheads and keep your face clean...

plus, if you've always wanted an all in 1 exfoliation tool

Then, you could consider the ultrasonic face scrubber for cleaner and brighter skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best time to use the skin scrubber?
We recommend that for the best results, to use it after shower and when applying skincare products such as deep cleansing oil, cleaning foam, toner, essential oil, essence cream, etc.

Q: How do i charge the Device?
You can use USB data cable for fast charging, or charge it through computer, mobile power and mobile phone charger easily.

Q: How to use?
1) Wash your face with warm water or cream to keep your skin wet
2) Press the button for 3 seconds to turn on the device, select "Cleansing" mode for deepening cleansing function. to turn off the device, hold the button for 3 seconds
3) If you need to reduce the wrinkles, select "Lifting" mode to lift your skin
4) If you want your skin become smoother and shiny, select "Ion+ & Ion-" mode to help your skin absorb nutrition.

It's time to join the thousands of happy customers that have seen results