Stainless Steel Modern Kitchen Sink

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The kitchen sink is one of the most important elements of the kitchen because it allows you to do what it has to do: clean the dishes! That's why people pay attention to the details of the sink they choose. Thanks to the pull-out faucet of our sink, you can easily rinse your fruits and wash your dishes. Your neighbors will be so jealous!


Your kitchen faucets with pull-down sprayer provide soft aerated stream and splash-free powerful spray due to its hard rubber sprayer holes. 360-degree kitchen sink faucet sprayer, the switch can be placed in every position as you like.

This new sink faucet with a sprayer provides a choice of a non-splash, aerated stream, a powerful spray, or pause.

Ease of use- single handle kitchen faucet black operates with a shorter handle, allowing for installation with little backsplash clearance. High arc kitchen faucet spout height, making cleaning more comfortable.

All parts of the kitchen faucet with a sprayer are pre-installed. All you need installation tool is an adjustable wrench for connecting the supply line valve. In most cases, 20 minutes is enough.

Kitchen faucets with a pull-down sprayer are pre-connected with the food-grade cross-linked PEX inner hoses, insuring water purified.