Single Cup Drip Coffee Papers

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Easy to use, fits every type of mug, convenient to carry.

A quick, simple, and healthy way to drink coffee.

A unique product that makes one cup of coffee at a time, directly into the cup.

Suitable for office, home, and outdoors. High material quality, better filter.

Material: Non woven fabric, polypropylene, polyethylene, paper
Size: 8.6 * 11.3cm
Color: White
Package: OPP bag

Usually, our size as bellows:
5 * 6 cm <Filling with less than 5g materials>
6 * 7 cm <Filling with less than 10g materials>
6 * 8 cm <Filling with less than 15g materials>
7 * 8 cm <Filling with less than 20g materials>
8 * 9.5 cm <Filling with less than 30g materials>
12 * 18 cm <Filling with less than 50g materials>