Salad Maker

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Make your meal preparation quickly and efficiently.

With the innovative Do-It-All interchangeable slicer you can serve healthy vegetable noodles, grate your own cheeses for salads and pasta and cut fresh vegetables in record time.

With its own drip tray under the interchangeable blades, you can prepare tasty home-made stews and cheese trays without collecting a sink full of dishes.

Meals come quickly and easily together with these 7 knives:

Designed for safety and durability.

Our 7 interchangeable blades are made of rust-resistant stainless steel, so that they retain their sharpness sharply slice by slice. For your safety, the Mandoline and Spiral Slicer come with its own pre-formed vegetable holder / handle so that fingers are never exposed to the blades.

The non-slip base of the drip tray holds the device securely in place to prevent it from sliding on your table or counter during use. The blades and the non-toxic, BPA-free plastic housing are all dishwasher safe to speed up cleaning and get you out of the faster for more family time.

What the package includes:

Do-It-All interchangeable cutting machine
7 different cutting machine attachments
Protein separator attachment
Hand protector
Waste basket