Rotating Stainless Steel Fruits Vegetables Peeler

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Peel fruits and vegetables instantly at the push of a button.

Robotized arm adjusts to every thickness, shape, and texture.

Plugin the power supply or put in 4*AA batteries, fix the fruits or vegetables up and down, press the red button, and the machine will start peeling automatically

Potatoes, apples, pears (less than 2-3 cm from the head and tail), and some smooth and hard-skinned fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes or fruits with an unsmooth surface, can be dug out by the digging at the bottom of the machine and then peeled.

The diameter of the fruit is controlled at 5cm - 10cm, the height is 5cm - 15cm, and the peeled skin is about 1mm.

It will peel completely in 5 seconds.

No waste, easy to use, clean and hygienic.

Easy to clean and small in size.

Automatic shutdown: automatic shutdown function, temperature control 128 degrees.

Reminder: The spare blade is placed at the bottom of the machine.

Package Includes: 1 x Electric peeler. 2 x Spare blade