Portable Simple Pastel Mini Juicer

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Naturally germinated, squeezed out the original flavor.

Manually squeeze fresh juice, good to drink and healthy.

Break the shackles of juicing and feel the new way of life.

You can't drink the grainy feeling, the juice and the fiber are separated, and the pure juice without water is made.

High juice rate, fresh alcohol homemade, refresh your new understanding of the juicer, simple and fast.

8-blade meat trough, precision filter, one-machine dual-use design, two-way press.

Lazy cleaning, clean, simple, and comfortable.

Small and easy to carry, it can be taken outdoors and healthy.

Freshly squeezed juice, fresh and healthy, illuminate life.


Material: wheat straw + PP

Color: Pink Blue, Beige

Size: 13.3*9.3 cm/2.4*2.4"

Weight: 276 g

Applicable fruits: orange, lemon, grapefruit, Sydney, watermelon, grape, pomegranate, pineapple, etc.

Applicable gifts occasions: opening ceremony, employee benefits, awards, awards, anniversary celebrations, advertising promotions, trade fairs, festivals, weddings, business gifts