Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Kit

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  • Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Kit holds 5 gallons / 20 litres for multiple showers and equipped with solar energy heating.
  • Strong handle with hard PVC tube insert to reinforce bag handle for prolonged hanging.
  • Handy on/off valve connected to shower head.
  • Comes with hanging hook, rope, PVC tube, on/off valve, shower head and shower bag.
  • Great for camping trips, hiking, beaches, outdoor activities or water rationing exercises when hot water isn't readily available.

Enjoy a refreshing shower outdoors in sun-warmed water after your swim or vigorous activities. This Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Kit soaks up the sun's energy and warms the water inside. Simply mount the bag onto a tree branch, fill it up and let the sun go to work. No expensive installation or plumbing required. Perfect for your outdoor trips or during emergencies when you need to store hot water in advance.