Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder

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  • The newly upgraded wireless car charger. It is only compatible with mobile phones with wireless charging. 
  • Built-in magnetic components, no clamps, just place the phone on the surface of the charger, it will be attracted and charged. Fast charging with 15 W power and 360-degree arbitrary adjustment will make you feel unprecedented convenience.

Main Features

  • ✨ Compatibility
    The new wireless car charger is only compatible with mobile phones with wireless charging. It is not suitable for other mobile phones. Users who use non-wireless charging mobile phone please don't purchase them.
  • ✨ Magnetic Wireless Charging
    Magnetic cell phone charger has a built-in magnetic element, and the strong suction force can closely fit the phone. The maximum power of 15W provides fast charging, and the power is automatically turned off when fully charged. It does not need clamps, is stable and does not slip off.
  • ✨ 2-In-1 Base
    Car phone mount supports two installation methods and is suitable for a various car models.
  • ①The packaging is equipped with adhesive accessories, just tear off the 3M bottom glue and stick it firmly to the center console. (3M bottom glue can be washed with water and can be reused)
  • ②The bracket comes with air outlet clip, which can meet your various needs. The erected air outlet cannot be used.
  • ✨ Ideal Viewing Angle

    A 360°rotating allows you to adjust to the best viewing angle and quickly switch between portrait and landscape view.

  • ✨ Easy To Install And Use
    The car wireless charger can be firmly installed on the center console/air outlet with a few simple parts. After the installation is complete, bring the phone close to the wireless charger, you will feel the suction, and then put the phone on the charger to charge.

    What's You Get

    1× Magnetic Wireless Car Charger(Comes with air outlet clip)

    1× Type C power cord

    1× Fixed ring

    1× Paste accessories

    Please Note: The package is equipped with a USB power cord. Please insert all the Type C connectors into the interface before installing the wireless car charger. Note that you must insert all the plugs, otherwise it will not be able to charge normally.