Penis Plush Toy (Various Sizes And Colors)

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  • A Penis Plush Toy in the shape of a giant dick with a size to suit your needs!
  • Available from 7.9in (20cm) to 19.7in (50cm) and in light and dark colored skin tone!
  • Super cuddly and...soft...
  • Mind you, it goes up to 20 inches long!
  • Must-have gift for bridal shower, bachelorette parties, gag gifts to boyfriend, girlfriend, comfort cushion for lonely souls on Valentine's Day, or even a house warming gift for an annoying prick.
  • Not recommended for the faint-hearted! Highly recommended for those with a weird sense of humor! 

A giant cuddly penis plushie that packs some frankly obscene girth. This cock stuffed toy goes up to nearly 20 inches long and has slightly terrifying black little eyes that you could get lost in if you tried. Keep this dick plushie on your office desk to either get yourself reported to HR, or make like-minded new friends!