Metal Erasable Eternal Pencil

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  • Frequent sharpening of pencils affects learning efficiency, dirty hands and unhygienic. Ordinary pencils consume a lot and need to be purchased in large quantities.
  • Our design is to solve your troubles!

Main Features

  • 【Convenient/Easy To Use】
    When carpenters use our infinite pencil, they can mark objects. And when designers use our infinity pencil, they don't need to sharpen pencils like traditional pencils.
  • 【Working Principle】
    The tip of the pen friction on the paper to decompose the alloy metal molecules and leave it on the surface of the paper, so you can see your writing, the color is close to HB pencil, but no ink on the pen.
  • 【Durable And Save Cost】
    Inkless metal pencil can replace up to 100 traditional pencils by using compressed nibs, without the need to sharpen or replace the refills; it helps you reduce the time of sharpening or adding ink, saving money, and can serve you for a long time.
  • 【Material Information】
    The body of the inkless pencil is metal, strong, not easy to break and has a long service life; the nib is made of metal, which is small and its color is similar to ordinary pencils, it can write smoothly, and the handwriting is easy to be wiped off with an eraser.
  • 【Wide Range Of Uses】

    This everlasting pencil is suitable for children's drawing, writing diary, taking notes, making scrapbooks and other art projects, and their handwriting is erasable.


    Product Weight
    • 27G
    Product Length
    • 16.5cm / 6.5inches
    Package Contents
    • Metal Erasable Eternal Pencil × 1
    Material Metal