10pcs Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

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A cute and colorful way to clean your teeth

     Why brush your teeth with a boring, typical toothbrush, when you can use this 10-piece set of natural bamboo colorful toothbrushes? Made from bamboo and nylon, these brushes are soft on the gums but super fun to use.

Effective Cleaning: Clean the teeth completely and effectively. Keep oral cavity healthy.

Material: Made from high quality bamboo and nylon. Both natural and ecofriendly unlike plastic competitors.

Simple Design: A simple, typical, everyday toothbrush with a practical and environmentally friendly design.

Super Soft Bristles: Each of the bristles are super soft so that you don’t tear up your gums. Have fun brushing your teeth while keeping your gums safe.

Long handle: The handle is designed to be long for convenient hand holding. There is also no need to dry off the handle after use.

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