Microwave Round Steamer Heater Bowl with Lid

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Microwave Round Plastic Bowl Steamer with Lid is made of PP material. The lid of the container is transparent, and it is easy to see the food inside. The lid is made of food-grade PP material. The steamer has good sealing, so the food will not leak out. It is an essential item in the kitchen for cooking and warming food. 

Material: Made of high-quality PP material, special steamer for microwave, safe, tasteless, and safe to use.

Exterior: It consists of a transparent cover, a steamer, and a chassis. The transparent cover not only keeps the heat but also facilitates the observation of food processing.

Applications: For microwave heating food; For refrigerating food in the refrigerator; As daily tableware.


Material: PP


Size: 28cm/8.7in x 12cm/4.7in 

High quality, durable and reusable.

Package Includes: 1 x Steamer Heater Dish