LED Color Changing Solar Wind Chime Light

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  • Turn your home and garden into a paradise out of a fairytale land with the Hanging Solar Wind Chime!

    In the day, It turns off automatically for charging and turns on at dusk when the sun goes down.

    Even the slightest breeze will cause the wind spinner to whirl, adding beauty and an element of fantasy to your home, backyard or patio.

    No need for wiring. The solar wind chime comes with a carabiner hook and chain for instant hanging on tree branches or any viable support.

Product Highlights

  • 5 Changing Lights - The solar lamp switches between 5 magical looking colors that instantly create a fun and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Runs By Itself 24/7 - Built-in day and night sensor. In daytime, the solar panel converts the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. At dusk, it will light up automatically.
  • Easy Installation - No need to add battery, connect wires or make any modifications. It comes with carabiner hook and cable to instantly be hung in your garden