Invisible Raising Sole

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✔ Increase your form height invisibly

Wear it inside your socks, then wear your shoes.

Your height will increase by exactly 2.0 to 4.0 cm.

No movement, no slipping! No one will know the secret of your height increase.

✔ Incredible comfort, relieves foot and back pain and allows you to be taller

The soft, supple silicone is soft to correct any discomfort you may have in your shoes.

It also prevents blisters, oedema and other problems related to the arch of the foot.

✔ U-design fits all sizes

Its design allows it to perfectly fit your whole foot and protect all those sides.

This eliminates friction with your shoe for a perfectly optimized comfort.

Instructions for use

1 - Placing your soles on bare feet.

2 - Put on your socks normally.

3 - Put on your shoes - that's it!


Wash them once a week with just soap and water by hand and let them dry naturally.