Hair Brush with Secret Storage to Hide Valuables with Discreet Removable Lid

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The Hair Brush Safe is a great way to hide your valuables! This is a great way to hide your money as you are traveling, headed to the beach, or anywhere you find yourself carying valuables. Most people don't want to handle others hairbrushes so it serves as an excellent diversion from would be thieves or nosey friends and family.
Some examples of items to Hide

  • Money!
  • Jewelry (use the stash-it bag included so the jewelry doesn't rattle in the brush
  • Paper Wallets
  • USB jump drives with personal information
  • Other items that you would rather be out of plain sight!

Size information:

  • Total length:22.8cm
  • Mouth diameter:3.1cm
  • Internal depth:10cm
  • Manual measurement, the error of 2-3mm is within the normal range.