Infant Head Protector Backpack

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Ease Anxiety as a Parent and Give your Infant something they will Love

        Protect your toddlers' head and back from injuries caused by a sudden fall onto the floor. Babies are prone to fall and hurt themselves when learning to walk or crawl. This Head Protector Backpack is cute, small, and will help you protect your kids. With adjustable straps and a super soft design, your babies are sure to love their new accessory.

Full Protection: Our design helps protect baby's head and backside when they are crawling and walking. It works to reduce head, back, and neck injuries.

Cute Lightweight Design: It is very light with very little pressure on the baby's shoulder. Back protector pad has a unique design and cute appearance in the shape of different types of animals.

Super Soft: This protection pad is made and filled with soft cotton. Very soft and breathable!

Adjustable Strap: Each of the shoulder straps can be adjusted easily. The chest strap can be adjusted according to baby's needs. The back conforms to baby's size and design with comfortable feeling.

Great Gift for Baby: This baby protective pillow makes the best gift for baby and the parents. Suitable for baby age 5-24 months. A creative gift to anyone who has baby learning to walk or crawl.

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