Have A Nice Day Mug (Various Colors)

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  • Have A Nice Day Mug hides your real thoughts underneath the mug with a surprise middle finger when you tip your mug to drink!
  • Available in Black and White.
  • Unsuspecting ceramic mug will flip off everyone as you drink
  • Perfect for some cool humor and boring meetings in your life
  • Holds 10oz / 295ml of your favorite hot beverage
  • Dishwasher safe and microwave safe

    Oh, you think I care about what you're talking about? Here, let me take a drink from my mug and show you exactly how I feel about your suggestion. Have A Nice Day Mug is THE mug for the redundant meetings where you have nothing more to say and just want it to be over and done with! Or, it could be the perfect gift to sabotage your annoying colleagues.