Hairdresser Dough Molding Toy

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Time to make colorfully creative hairstyles. Pick a character and head mold, choose the favourite color clay and put them into mold. Then press the handle to grow out hair, colorful, shapeable hairstyle! The complete suite of accessory tools lets little hands shape all kinds of unique styles.

Do you want to try out making colorfully creative hairstyles with this clay dough tools kit at hair salon?

Step 1: Install the hairdressing accessories.

Step 2: Picking a character, load it up with modeling dough and put.

them into the hairdressing mold. Then press hairdressing mold to grow out colorful, shapeable hair.

Step 3: Using the scissors and other barber dough tools set to shape all kinds of unique styles.

Step 4: Picking a little dough, make some adorable adornments and clothes through shapeable accessories and, create a more unique hairstyle.

Safety Clay Dough Material

  • Wheat flour, salt, pure water as raw material, non-toxic and harmless, healthy ecological color mud technology. Kneading evenly, soft and not sticky.
  • Color Mud, Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Brown Color.
  • Colorful color matching, rich visuals to cultivate children's sense of color, mix and make new colors.
  • Re-use & Recycling.



This is an interesting toy set for preschool age children. Its vivid image , fun-to-touch texture and stretchy dough will be a popular gift for tiny tots. This clay dough set is suitable for children above 3 years old.

  • Enhance imagination
  • Improve hands-on ability
  • Develop patience
  • Enhanced color cognitive recognition
  • Improve relationships with family and friends