Shower Sandal Foot Scrubber With Pumice Stone

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  • Shower Sandal Foot Scrubber With Pumice Stone sloughs off dead skin build-up and cleans entire foot with ease!
  • Soft, high-quality bristles clean both the top and bottom of your foot with pumice stone conveniently located at the heel for the stubborn dried skin.
  • Sole features suction cups that affix to your shower or bathtub surface.
  • Requires no bending or stretching to use.
  • Makes a useful gift for everybody, especially those with problems reaching their feet.
  • Self-draining and self-drying. No worries about mold or mildew buildup! 
  • One piece per order.
  • Measures 11.02" x 5.51" 3.94" / 28cm x 14cmx 10cm
  • NOTE: Non-returnable for reasons of hygiene and safety

Shower Sandal Foot Scrubber With Pumice Stone gives you a thorough foot scrub in one step! This cleverly designed foot scrubber brings the spa treatment to you, allowing you to gently scrub, massage and stimulate your feet without bending over. Simply add some soap and an invigorating foot scrub is as simple as moving your foot back and forth while showering!