Foot Pedicure Callus Remover

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Get smooth feet wherever you go

    This foot pedicure callus remover will make your feet look clean, healthy, and attractive. Boost your confidence and stop hiding your feet. Become confident in any open toed shoes and show off your smooth, soft feet.

Solve Your Foot Problems: This callus remover will buff away all dead skin. It will smooth out your foot and heel for ideal, beautiful feet.

Fast & Rechargeable:  This cordless electric pedicure callus remover has a long-lasting battery life and does not need batteries to operate.

Stop bacteria growth: Whether you just got out of the shower or want to clean up your feet after a long day of work, this callus remover is will solve the problem of bacteria growing on the gaps.

Powerful & Safe to Use: Separate the dead skin easily with a rougher and smoother roller. Smart automatic protection design. If the pressure is too strong, it will automatically stop. Green light shows low speed and red light means high speed.

Portable: Due to its chargeable nature and small size, this callus remover can be brought on the go.

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