Folding Stepping Ladder Foot Pegs | Fold able Car Vehicle

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Folding Stepping Ladder Foot Pegs: The size is 15 * 7.5 cm, which can be folded to 90 degrees so that you can drive the car as you'd like, and it is convenient to carry. In an emergency, you can use it in order to break the window of survival.

Engineered materials high-end aluminum alloy, durable, fa?ade surface frosted, scratched, or slipping is not easy, suitable for all vehicle latch design doorway pedals, for example, SUV, RV, and truck, very suitable for a high-vehicle packaging roof rack.

Roof pedal to prevent scratching the paint The vehicle hangs, you do not have to be concerned about using it, utilize a non-metallic wear-resistant silicone pad, you can stick it to the pedal prior to use to protect your vehicle from scratches.


Foot Peg Ladder can enable you to easily install or pick up bikes, surfboards or other bulky traveling items onto the roof, frame and car wash,You just have to take one step, you can easily put items on the roof or eliminate items from the roof,Additionally for wash the roof.

Easy accessibility to the roof simple to carry and fold the automobile pedal, the pedal makes it possible to connect into the door frame, it can help you easily repair or eliminate the bicycle, surfboard or other big travel goods on the roof/frame to appreciate with you A wonderful journey of all of the essentials.

Item Height: 4.3cm
Item Length: 16.5cm
Material Type: Aluminum alloy
Year: 2018
Item Weight: 0.25kg
Item Width: 8.8cm
Model Name: other

Package Include

  • Folding Stepping Ladder Foot Pegs *1