Flashing LED Light Soccer Hover Ball

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Are you bored and got nothing left to do inside your home? This Flashing LED Light Soccer Hover Ball is your new best friend! This indoor football toy will have you playing for hours!

✅ Colorful LED flashing lights
✅ A great way to encourage children to play

✅ Cushion foam surrounds the edge of the disc which protects furniture from damage and allows the hovering ball to bounce around the room

Just insert 4 pieces of AA batteries and the Flashing LED Light Soccer Hover ball is good to go! This will have you playing it for hours and will encourage your kids to play which will not only be beneficial physically but also socially!

This hover ball will glide in almost any smooth surface, table, carpet, floor, you name it! The outer rim of the hovering ball is also surrounded by cushion foam that'll protect your furniture and wall from scratches and damages.

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