Smart Electric Toothbrush Sterilizer Enhance Version

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Great Features :
1. Killing Bacteria from All Angles:
Puretta uses a U shape design, and it's coated with a silver surface that can reflect UV light,
allowing it to reach different corners inside the station cleaning and sterilizing from all angles.
2. Smart Station: Puretta can detect body movement, and when a body is within 1 meter of the station will smartly postpone the sterilizing process.
3. Super Sterilization: Puretta uses a 253.7nm UV-C LED light to kill bacteria in an instant, giving you and your loved ones a clean toothbrush and peace of mind everyday.

4. Power Saving: Advanced solar power technology allows the station to be charged with any type of light (including indoor lighting).
5. Multiple Cleaning Stations: With Puretta, you can place 4 toothbrushes, 3 dental floss packs, a tongue scraper, one shaver, and one toothpaste.
6. Go-Green: Even in the bathroom you can be environmentally friendly, as the Puretta runs completely on solar power, saving you money and keeping your home more eco-friendly.

Specification :

Model S2 Electric Toothbrush Sterilizer
Color White
Enviroment -5 ~ 45°C / 30 ~ 90% RH
Impur 5V ~ 1050mA
Material ABC+PC

Packafe Inclued :
1 x MIKATU S2 Electric Toothbrush Sterilizer