Elegant Three Legs Drip Coffee and Tea Maker

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You'll enjoy brewing coffee in this elegant drip coffee machine. 

The elegant three legs drip coffee espresso maker is made of high-quality stainless steel and glass, which is durable in use.

The drip coffee maker comes with a stainless steel filter, and it's easy to operate.

The drip coffee maker can filter coffee grounds quickly, efficiently, and cleanly.

The drip coffee maker is a great choice for making a cup of coffee at home or in the office.

With a unique three-legged design and a simplified function, this elegant, three-legged drip coffee maker is perfect for a family of two or three!

When you use your favorite medium-roast coffee, this simple coffee maker will be a treat to your taste buds and a joy to your morning.

Capacity: 401-500ml

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size: 450ML

Weight: 900g

Color: Gold/Silver

Package Includes: 1 x Coffee Maker