Double-sided Brush Soap Dispenser

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Durable and Odorless: This dish scrub brush features durable and odorless brush hair. The brush hair is made of highly elastic nylon fiber, which is not easy to deform and durable. So this brush is an ideal cleaning tool for pots and pans, tableware, sinks and stoves.

Double Headed Brush: This brush features double-headed cleaning design, 2 heads can be used alternately without replacing, it is convenient to ensure efficient cleaning. The brush can clean sticky and stubborn food and stains, which is suitable for cleaning baked goods.

Soap Dispensing: The kitchen brush is equipped with a large-capacity dispenser, which can dispense soap as needed by pressing a button. No matter how it is placed, the silicone valve can prevent the soap from leaking.

 Comfortable Silicone Handle: The comfortable silicone handle can maintain high friction to prevent slipping even when your hands are wet. After using the brush, the hole of the handle makes the brush the one can be hung for storage to reduce the breeding of harmful substances.

Multiple Uses: The long handle design makes the brush suitable for a variety of pots and utensils, and it is convenient to clean without making your hands dirty. This delicate and soft brush features nylon material, so it will not be deformed after being used for a long time, and the replacement heads are included for better use.