Cupple Magic Defroster

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Waiting for frozen food to thaw takes hours! The Cupple is the amazing defrosting tray that quickly thaws your food - up to 5x faster! 

Simply place your frozen food onto the flat surface of The Cupple and the thermodynamic heat sink grills will defrost your food faster, right before your eyes!

Defrosting your food in the microwave leaves it half cooked, tasteless, soggy and stale! The Cupple will turn your food from frozen to fresh! In minutes you will have butcher fresh steak, mince, chicken, fish and more for the whole family. It couldn't be easier!


The unique ripple design accelerates the thawing process by absorbing the natural heat from the air directly to the frozen food. With no plug, cords or cables, you can defrost the quick, easy, and cost effective way! 


Not only does The Cupple defrost meat and fish in a flash, it's perfect for frozen bread, rolls, cakes, pies, baby food and more! Never again will you have to wait hours for your food to defrost in the sink. 

The thermal imaging camera shows how The Cupple retains more heat than an ordinary plate, so it will defrost your food quicker and easier. Plus it’s so safe, it stays cool to the touch.


To clean, simply wash your The Cupple under warm soapy water and it’s ready to defrost again and again. Defrost your food the safe, fast and easy way, with The Cupple!

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