Car Sun Umbrella

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Car Sun Umbrella, Under high-temperature exposure, it doesn't generate a terrible odor. Safe and high-quality materials. 

Effectively reflects sun The chemical titanium silver adhesive with a good heat dissipation effect can efficiently reduce the temperature within the car.
Product Features:
Thermal insulating material + Sun protection this car windshield sunshade umbrella utilizes high-quality aluminum foil material to block a whole lot of heat and reflect sunlight, which can effectively reduce the temperature in the car and protect against aging and damage of the car interior. Simple to fold + simple to keep This automobile windshield sunlight filter is time-saving and convenient, ready to use, non-destructive setup, small storage volume after folding (with a storage bag), may be placed on the face of the car door and the storage box to save space and easy storage. This automobile sun umbrella is suitable for daily use and is the perfect sunshade accessory for automobiles in summer!