Black Obsidian Wolf Tooth

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Bring good luck and happiness into your life

        Bring good luck & happiness with this piece of jewelry that will stand out and make statement. These beautifully handcrafted Sacred Black Obsidian Amulets are made with great craftsmanship. They are meant to show true inner strength and balance your chakras.

Symbolic Meaning: Obsidian is said to provide courage, protection, block negativity, symbolize self-control, and resilience. Wear this extremely powerful crystal to protect you from negative energy of all kinds.

Natural Obsidian: Each black obsidian rock is natural and different from another. Hand crafted and formed into the shape of a star.

Nylon Cord: The necklace itself is made from a high grade, nylon, multi-strand braided rope. The size can be adjusted if needed.

Suitable for Any Occasion: From a party to a night out, this amulet is the perfect accessory to wear. Super comfortable to wear all night long.

Perfect Gift: Surprise your loved one with an amulet they will never forget. Whether it is husband, wife, or child, this Sacred Black Obsidian Amulet is great for anyone.

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