E-Bike Chain Lock

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Easy-to-Install Foldable Chain that Protects Bike at All Times

­čÜ┤ Sturdy and Durable
­čÜ┤ Theft-Proof and Waterproof Design

­čÜ┤ High Class Stainless Steel Keys
­čÜ┤ Easy To Carry, Compact, and Flexible┬á

Looking for the perfect bike lock that'll fully protect your bike and never let anyone with bad intentions get ahold of it? Built with heavy duty zinc alloy and steel, this bicycle lock wraps around the chains of the tire and prevents any kind of movement.

Sturdy and Durable

Quality Zinc Alloy and ABS made lock, sturdy and durable with high grade of anti-theft, anti-breaking and anti-cutting function. The hamburger lock material are zinc alloy and ABS special material, which have the function of Anti-theft, anti-cut, tamper-proof.

Theft-Proof and Waterproof Design

The lock core surface is fully sprayed with rubber lacquer, and the anti-impact bumper during transportation reduces noise, effectively preventing damage to the bicycle frame, and can be directly locked on the lock frame, protecting the folding lock and preventing the lock from being locked.

High Class Stainless Steel Keys

3 high class stainless steel keys, distinguished key mouth design to avoid mix opening. Also there are serial numbers, if lost, key remake is available.

Easy To Carry, Compact, and Flexible

The Folding lock fits most bikes, it only weights 575g easy to carry featuring special rivets that make folding easy.