Nonstick Microwave Baking Tray

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Save yourself precious time using the Baking Tray to prep your meals, while keeping the original taste and nutrition of your ingredients.

Grilling food fast has never been so easy. Here is the simple way to grill meat/chicken/fish, sandwiches/paninis, quesadillas, vegetables and more in just a FEW minutes in the microwave.

A great way to make healthy meals, the cooks a wide variety of foods while decreasing the amount of oil needed as the cooking surface is non-stick. Retain nutrients while saving time and create crispy, browned, grilled results without the hassle of the outdoor grill.

Made of microwave approved material, the non-stick grill transforms the microwave energy into a HOT, heated surface.

Yes, Some Metals CAN be placed in the Microwave!
In fact, the same walls of the microwave are covered with metal to enhance the reflections of the microwaves, working similar to mirrors. Only the shape of metal determines if a metal can or cannot be introduced in the microwave.

A secret of the Baking Tray is that it has rounded edges and the precise shape so that there is no problem when it is used in the microwave. Made of the material Susceptor, which transforms the electromagnetic energy into heat and transmits it to the grilling plates to grill the food through pressure. Safe and convenient!

Bring indoors the outdoor grill flavor you love
Suitable for any type of food:
Red Meat (steak, burger...)
Poultry (turkey, chicken...)
Fish (shrimp, salmon, white fish...)
Pork (sausage, bacon...)

Product Information
Size: Small(18*15cm) Large(24.5*15cm)
Material: Bakeware material+Silicone
Coating: Food grade non-stick water-based coating
Weight: Little(439g) Large(568g)
Package includes:
1* Microwave bakeware

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