Arc Reactor Wireless Quick Charger

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Product Description

  • Easily convert your wireless charger from a pad to a stand.
  • Use as a stand to read notifications or take calls without interrupting charging.
  • Portable, thin design great for ease of use. Iron Man design, novel appearance.
  • Double coil 10W high power fast charge, cooling hole design, low temperature.
  • 1 Piece Wireless Charging Pad,1 Piece Micro USB Charging Cable 

Functional Specifications:

1. Input voltage: dc9v1.5 ~2A. If the voltage exceeds this range, alarm and stops charging

2. Output voltage: 9V + / - 0.1v

3. Charging current: 1A to 2A

4. Charging power: up to 10W

5. Conversion efficiency: over 73%

6. Transmission distance: Max 10mm, and the recommended sending and receiving distance is 2mm~4mm

7. Standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 50mW

8. Heat dissipation: there is a hidden heat dissipation hole position design on the back, which can dissipate heat at any time and at low temperature throughout the whole process.

9. The data line requires the current above 2A