Anti Snore Sleep Strips For Better Nose Breathing(1pack/30pcs)

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- Do you feel guilty about snoring every night that affects your partner's rest? 

- Do you feel mouth dry with mouth breathing every morning?

- Do you worry your kids get ugly with mouth breathing?

Our mouth tape the most direct way to help you switch from being a mouth breather to nose breather. A comfortable and reliable way for instant open-mouth snoring relief. It helps to develop a healthy habit of nose breathing. This sleep strips is the thoughtful gift for yourself, partner, family, and friends.


☆ [Promotes Nose Breathing At Night]

Studies shows that nose breathing leads to more efficient blood oxygenation so that you can get more deep sleep at night. Our mouth tape for sleeping help you to develop a healthy habit of nose breathing, relieve mouth and throat dryness, reduce snoring and sleep talking by gently closing your mouth. Using mouth breathing prevention strips is the easiest way to ensure nose breathing while you sleep.

☆ [Safe And Comfortable]

Unlike regular tape, our mouth tape is made of a specially medical adhesive which allows you to remove the sleep strips without leaving any sticky residue behind. They are comfortable and easy to apply. This mouth tape keeps your mouth shut securely and does not take the skin with it when you take it off in the morning. No irritation whatsoever. The sleep mouth strips is gentle to you mouth and you can use it without any worry.

☆ [Suitable For Adult And Children]

Our sleep strips mouth tape suit for not only adults but also children. However, children under age of 5 are prohibited to use, and the ones between 5 to 12 are allowed to use only under the supervision and guidance Dof adults.

☆ [Easy to Use]

Peel the back sticker of mouth tape, close to the upper and lower lips, and stick it at the center of the mouth. For the mouth tape to be firmly attached, do not apply cream, lotion or lipstick around the lips where the sleep mouth strips is applied.



1.Wash and dry your lips or the skin surrounded.

2.Remove the protective branded liner using the tapes.

3.Close mouth, with both lips in full contact with one another.



Anti Snore Sleep Strips( 30 PCS ) x 1