Adjustable Scale Seasoning Measuring Spoon

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Easy to use, just slide the adjuster to the desired amount and pour or pour ingredients with a spoon to measure.

Made of food-grade plastic, it's easy to clean without affecting the taste of the ingredients, and the regulator can slide smoothly and lock into place for durability.

Groove fingerprints help you move the slider back and forth to take measurements, making kitchen work quick and easy.

The edge of the spoon is round and does not hurt the hand. Combine teaspoons and spoons into one convenient storage tool to reduce clutter in the kitchen.

The product is made of food-grade material, easy to clean, not easy to leave traces, environmentally friendly and healthy. With scale ruler, clear scale ruler

Kitchen, bakery, home, travel, professional chefs and bakers prepare gifts. Good choice for kitchen cooking needs.

Material: Plastic

Size: 18cm x 7cm x 6cm