Car Air Purifier Cleaner Auto Remove Formaldehyde PM2.5 Benzene Smoke Odor Eliminator

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Package included:

1 *  Car Air Purifier(two color you can choose any one: green or red) 

Note: it does not need charge and filter , it is very safe . and it works alone and you can't see how it work , but it really works, one day by one day , you will be in a fresh air


·  Brand Name: NENFIX
·  Product name: formaldehyde killer/Ultra-nano deformaldehyde-free air purifier
   Tpye :TB01
   Color: green , red
   Fragrant type: jasmine ,aromatic,frankincense,aloes
   Guarantee:12 months
   Service life: 3-5years
   Purification area:5㎡/set
   Application area:15㎡
   Formaldehyde Removal Rate:95.3%
   Benzene Removal Rate:99.00%
   Principle of purification: photocatalytic degradation at normal temperature
   Filter element : carbon nanoscale-Metal oxide composites
   Application area: car, house, office, hotel

    Function of Formaldehyde killers

    1. Removal of Formaldehyde

    2. Removal of PM2.5

    3. Removal of benzene

    4. Removal of other harmful substances

    5. Removal of TVOC/Harmful microorganisms

    6. Removal of  harmful gases, smoke, bacteria, mold ,allergens,odors, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles from the vehicle

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