Educational Magnetic Box - (100+PCS Wooden Magnetic Puzzle)

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🌲  Introducing the Magnetic Puzzle Box!🌲 

⭐Help your kids become the artists they truly are! With this educational wooden board learning and fun come hand in hand!

🎅Whiteboard to create beautiful pieces with included 
blackboard to improve drawing skills with included shall 
Portable & Easy To Store


🌲Package includes:

1 x Wooden Box (30 cm x 23 cm x 3 cm)
1 x Reversible Double Sided Board
1 x Set of Magnetic Pieces
1 x Marker Pen
1 x Blackboard Eraser
1 x Idea Book
Suitable for children ages 2-8

Designed to fuel imagination, inspire exploration, and encourage the natural curiosity that leads to a lifetime of learning. From classic wooden toys to creative crafts for every age, it has been always emphasizing the importance of product quality and safety. We have a strong desire that all children can have a happy childhood with this toy.